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  • ICE

    ICE - 2010-07-28

    The "use" parameter seems to be apply to all requests.

    I would like to update two (or more) different dynamic dns names, each using a different "use" parameter.
    I would want to use "net" for one dns name,  "if" for another (and maybe two instances of that).

    The intent here is to have a laptop traceable not only to the public IP it is using but also to the private lan IP it is using.  (cat5 or wifi).

    I would create two (or 3) different names in my dnydns account.  But I need to check my current ip by multiple methods.

    Is there any way to do this using one daemon, or do I have to run multiple instances.

  • J. Randall Owens

    Shouldn't be any problem at all; there's a "use=" clause in several of the examples in the sample conf file.

    # use=web, web=members.orgdns.org/nic/ip
    # server=www.orgdns.org                 \
    # protocol=dyndns2                      \
    # login=yourLoginName                   \
    # password=yourPassword                 \
    # yourSubdomain.orgdns.org
    ## dnspark.com
    ## (supports variables: mx, mxpri)
    # use=web, web=ipdetect.dnspark.com, web-skip='Current Address:'
    # protocol=dnspark,                     \
    # server=www.dnspark.com,               \
    # your-host.dnspark.com

    I'd probably set "use=net" for the default, and put "use=if" in the line(s) for the not-private domain update, in a case like that.  But either way should work just fine.

  • J. Randall Owens

    Actually, never mind that, and I'm wishing I could delete that right now; I just noticed that that first line with the "use=" doesn't end in the backslash like the others, and is suggesting setting the "use=" to that for those.  But I'll take a look into it and try to come up with a more definitive answer.

  • ICE

    ICE - 2010-07-28

    Too late to never mind.  ;-)

    I already went ahead and tried it (caught the backslash missing and added it).

    I have three names that I update, and it seems to work

    I put a separate use= clause into each instance (with backslash).

    The syntax in the help is ambiguous as to weather you can repeat use= clauses, but it does seem to work.

  • J. Randall Owens

    OK, I'd been looking over the code, and was coming to the conclusion that it should work, but it's good to know that it does seem to.
    In the -help output, it does mention "*]* a.host.domain…", which implies (and my brushing up on the code seems to confirm) that any value (other than a few global-only ones, like daemon, file, probably cache, etc.) can be overridden that way within a host definition.  But, glad it's working for you, regardless of how you got there.


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