Optionally use 'curl' for ssl=yes, proof of concept patch enclosed

  • Lonnie Abelbeck

    Lonnie Abelbeck - 2014-05-10


    It seems Zoneedit now requires HTTPS for updates, and since we (AstLinux) cross-compile perl (via perlcross) we are not able to properly build Net/SSLeay for the target.

    Fortunately, I was able to replace the IO::Socket::SSL code with a 'curl' call and it now works with Zoneedit over HTTPS. The patch is surprisingly simple !

    Proof of concept patch replacing IO::Socket::SSL with /usr/bin/curl:

    Of course I'm not suggesting doing away with IO::Socket::SSL, but would it be useful to add a new ddclient option -curl-ssl to provide an alternative to the default IO::Socket::SSL method ?

    So I pose a couple questions:

    1) I think the patch covers all the available options except for proxy. 'curl' can handle --proxy, but for the HTTPS case I'm not sure how useful the proxy is.

    2) We could include the -L option to curl to follow redirects, not sure if that is really needed for this application.

    3) It seems a timeout value of 0 is treated the same by curl and ddclient.

    4) Am I missing something ? Is it worth adding a -curl-ssl global option ?


  • Lonnie Abelbeck

    Lonnie Abelbeck - 2014-05-14


    I am interested in any thoughts you may have regarding adding a --curl-ssl option (as above), Thanks.


  • wimpunk

    wimpunk - 2014-05-20

    I don't think it's an option which should be added. I try to keep ddclient as clean as possible and I don't have that much time to maintain the code. Extra features needs extra maintenance.


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