ddclient will not run in daemon mode

Zach Fine
  • Zach Fine

    Zach Fine - 2007-11-29

    I'm running ddclient version 3.6.6, installed via the NetBSD pkgsrc system, on NetBSD 2.0.2, i386.

    I've set up ddclient to update a few domains at zoneedit.com, and to use the 'web' method to determine the IP address. If I run ddclient in daemon mode with a specified delay of '0', it runs and successfully updates the zoneedit entries, while writing a ton of information to stdout. Here's the command I use:

    sudo ddclient -daemon 0 -noquiet -debug -verbose

    If I run ddclient with a specified delay greater than 0 (such as '1'), nothing happens and ddclient appears to exit without writing any messages to stdout or syslog. No errors or warnings that I see anywhere. It's as if I never ran the command at all.

    Any ideas? I'd like to get ddclient to work in daemon mode.


    • wimpunk

      wimpunk - 2007-11-29

      You have to specify a time in seconds with the daemon switch.  Try something like ddclient -daemon 300.
      Ddclient will start at the background and check every 300 seconds your IP and compare it to its cache.  If your IP has changed, it will update zoneedit.


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