Installed /etc/init.d/ddclient has problems

  • Brian Spisak

    Brian Spisak - 2013-03-05


    This is mainly an FYI.

    After using 'apt-get install ddclient' on Linux Mint 14 Nadia, I found that the /etc/init.d/ddclient file had the following problems:

    1) 'ddclient stop' doesn't work if 'start-stop-daemon -name $NAME' is used in the do_stop() routine. When I do a 'ps -ef | grep ddclient' I see 'ddclient - sleeping for xx seconds', perhaps this is why?

    2) The daemon still starts even when 'run_daemon=false'. Didn't bother to debug this one.

    3) The option '-daemon $daemon_interval' doesn't work. I think this may be because it should be '-daemo=$daemon_interval', but because I use ddclient.conf, I don't pass that option. (See #4)

    4) The options specified by OPTIONS override any that are provided in /etc/ddclient.conf. I changed it to be OPTIONS='-syslog' simply because I couldn't get that option to work from the conf file. [shrug]


    Last edit: Brian Spisak 2013-03-05
  • wimpunk

    wimpunk - 2013-03-05


    it would have been nice if you could added mint to the subject. :-)
    Btw, isn't there any mint place where you can leave your message? it ratter looks like a bug in the ddclient package for.




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