Would love more comprehensive documentation of CONF file settings

  • Seth Cameron Short

    Thanks for this app.
    The documentation for the conf files is a bit spotty, compared to your nice detailed explanation of executable flags.
    Specifically, the examples of conf files you provide are specific to those individual services, with custom "protocols", and there's nothing available that clearly explains how to assemble our own file.
    For example, I'd love some documentation about what "web" means in the conf file. There's a sample configuration visible here:
    That example is for setting up a DNS-O-Matic updater. It includes "use=web, web=myip.dnsomatic.com" -- but this "use" and "web" configuration options aren't documented. I can assume that it's setting up a way to capture my external IP address, but why do it this way? The examples you have here on SF don't use that, is that part of the "protocol" setting? What other protocols are available?

    Basically I was hoping for a full list of commands/options/flags/protocols available to allow me to customize my conf file how I wish. So if, say, I wanted to make it work with no-ip.com instead of any of your examples, I could confidently do so without having to test a bunch of possibilities. And if I wanted to change the frequency of updates, or possibly post entries in a log, can I do that?

    I realize that you might have more examples of conf files available with the help docs of the command line executable. However I don't have easy access to this, just the conf file, so I'm dependent on the external documentation available here.


  • wimpunk

    wimpunk - 2013-08-07

    I'm trying to do my best to get the documentation right but I'm pretty busy on other stuff. You're free to provide patches to ddclient with better information. Most information can be found either by running ddclient --help or check the wiki or read the readme file.


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