ddclient sends my *internal* LAN IP address

  • Ava

    Ava - 2009-04-13


    I run a small opensim standalone on my regular Desktop PC on a ADSL fed LAN, behind a router and I'm using dynDNS. For some odd reason ddclient is sending my *internal* IP address to dynDNS. 
    So when I go to check the current IP address with the host, it's the which is the internal IP address on the LAN for my PC/server.

    The config file is here http://pastebin.com/m21e9b01c

    • wimpunk

      wimpunk - 2009-04-14

      I think if you do a `sudo ifconfig eth0` you'll see so ddclient is sending your IP like you configured.  It's configured at line 11 of your configuration file. You could either try to fetch your WAN-ip from your router or use `use=web` on line 11 to fetch your ip from checkip.dyndns.org.

    • Ava

      Ava - 2009-04-14

      OK, I'm not sure what you mean here, I'm guessing what you're saying is that line 11 should not be there at all. So I will delete it and see, if ddclient will take the instruction from line 8.  I'll report back if that brings the desired result:-)

    • Ava

      Ava - 2009-04-14

      Success! Thank you. The reason the eth0 line was there in the first place, was because during install, ddclient asked me to choose it among pppowhatever, so I thought I had to take what seemed most logical (to me). Took me 4 days to figure this one out :-)

      • wimpunk

        wimpunk - 2009-04-15

        It looks like I wasn't awake when I posted my previous post.
        You were pretty correct, just remove line 11 and it should work.  You could even do a little more, see changed I made on http://pastebin.com/m3ebd063f


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