timeout occurs when updating with SSL

  • Neil Darlow

    Neil Darlow - 2007-10-27


    I am running ddclient-3.7.3, on FreeBSD-6.2, with IO::Socket::SSL-1.11
    (both installed from FreeBSD ports).

    I have been using ddclient-3.7.1 successfully with SSL until I updated
    to ddclient-3.7.3. After the update, I get a SSL timeout and termination
    of the update process on connecting to the first server.

    I use ddclient to update against dyndns.com and opendns.com (for opendns
    a patch was necessary until they recently changed their URI to be fully
    NIC2 compliant).

    Has anyone else observed timeouts when using SSL? I am able to update
    successfully if I supply the timeout option in ddclient.conf but I wish
    to determine why, and when, the need for this arose.

    Neil Darlow

    • wimpunk

      wimpunk - 2007-10-27

      I think your message is related to this one: https://sourceforge.net/forum/message.php?msg_id=4590232
      Maybe you could try the solution mentioned there?

    • Neil Darlow

      Neil Darlow - 2007-10-29

      I added timeout=120 to ddclient.conf long before that message was posted. That was why I suggested that a default timeout value is added to the ddclient code.

    • Neil Darlow

      Neil Darlow - 2007-10-30

      This was actually a bug in IO::Socket::SSL-1.11 which is fixed in IO::Socket::SSL-1.12.

      The former version of IO::Socket::SSL treated a timeout value of 0 as a timeout condition. The latter treats it as not a timeout.

      • wimpunk

        wimpunk - 2007-10-30

        Thank you very much for the feedback.  I appreciate the work you did for this issue.


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