Cache not used when use=ip?

  • bwooster47

    bwooster47 - 2007-12-14

    I am still trying to dig deeper into this, but it looks like ddclient always does a force update when use=ip is used?

    Is there any way to have it use the cache and not call out to when using the following command line:

    ddclient -verbose -file ~/ddclient/conf -cache ~/ddclient/cache -pid ~/ddclient/pid -use=ip -ip NEW-IP

    It also seems that if I intersperse the above command and the same command with -noexec, then it wipes out the cache! That certainly seems like a bug - -noexec should leave the cache untouched, I would presume? The cache also gets an empty ip= word, which leads to a warning on next run.

    • bwooster47

      bwooster47 - 2007-12-15

      I think I found the source of my problem - I had max-interval=28 set in the conf file, should have really been max-interval=28d

      Will now wait to see if the IP is updated at on 28th day, even if not changed.


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