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DOCS 2.2.1 Released

1297 downloads, WOW!
This was primarily a maintenance release to bring the code base and application up to PIA v6.5. Here are the details:
- recompiled and tested with PIA v6.5. PIA v6.5 works fine with DFC v6.0 and will connect to v5.3 Docbases.
- fixed a bug that did not allow login after a failed attempt
- a few cosmetic changes
- No new functionality

Posted by M. Scott Roth 2008-10-08

DOCS: 2.2 Released!

DOcumentum Command Shell (DOCS) is a command line client interface for the Documentum Content Server, which provides navigation, execution of basic library functions, and an extensible architecture for writing additional custom commands.

One year and 1000+ downloads later...

- fixed a bug that caused a crash when executing 'cd ..' from root directory
- fixed bug that caused a crash when trying to edit a contentless objects
- added the -a command line argument to allow DOCS to execute a single command
and exit (1806684). This capability allows DOCS to act as the integration
glue between applications that can execute external commands. It also allows
users to quickly check the status of an object, cancel a checkout, etc. without
having to login.
- invetigated long delay between loading command modules and searching for
known Docbases. Using a profiler I discovered that 68% of this delay is caused
by the instantiation of the IDfClient. The delay is noticably longer if the
DFC is v6.

Posted by M. Scott Roth 2008-04-22

DOCS 2.1 Installer Fix

I have received a few complaints that the installer for 2.1 is looking for the wrong .Net Framework version. I patched the installer and uploaded new MSIs. My apologies to those of you that struggled with this issue.

Posted by M. Scott Roth 2007-10-08

DOCS 2.1 Released!

Six months and 600+ downloads later, I have finally gotten around to making
some updates and additions to the code. There is still plenty of room for

Version 2.1 has been tested against Documentum 6.0.

- added mkdir command
- added PIA and DFC preconditions to installer
- added rm, dql and ed aliases (1770530)
- changed file name in view command to use object id (1785706)
- added rename to misc module (1770533)
- ignore 'c' in API command (1770536)
- errors are written to log file (1808810)
- added script command to misc module(1770538)
- added script to command line args
- reworked login process to accommodate trusted (1808813) -- still in work
- changed DOCS.processCommand to take an input var
- changed altcommands to be array and made it plural (1770530)
- general clean up
- added generic collection processor to Utils
- made Results a read/write property of DOCSCmdBase
- made DOCS.processcomand public
- added getArgs method

Posted by M. Scott Roth 2007-10-08

DOCS and Documentum 6.0

Although I have not officially or thoroughly tested DOCS 2.0 against Documentum 6.0, I will say that I have been using it in-house for the past month and experienced not problems. Your mileage may vary. If so, please report it.

Posted by M. Scott Roth 2007-10-03

DOCS 2.0 Released!

The 2.0 release is finally here! Getting here took a little longer than I
expected. My real job took me away from this project for some time and
refactoring took a little longer than anticipated. Of course, I couldn't
resist adding a little functionality also.

Here are the new features for the 2.0 release:
- dir shows totals for objects and folders
- dir allows search on dm_folder types
- cursor shape changes during command execution
- added wildcards to dir, move, copy, delete, export commands
- refactored library assembly
- all command classes have independent version numbers now

Posted by M. Scott Roth 2007-04-29

DOCS 2.0 beta 5 Released

This will be the final beta.

This beta release includes thse features and upates:
- versions command shows all versions of an object
- getsize reports content size of an object in bytes and kilobytes
- getpath command returns the path to the content object in the repository's
file store
- getstate command returns an object's life cycle state
- fixed bug in dir command that returned duplicate objects
- added version options to checkin command

Posted by M. Scott Roth 2007-03-12

DOCS 2.0 beta 4 Released

A screw-up on my part issued Beta 2 again under the Beta 3 release label. For those of you that downloaded Beta 3 looking for more functionality: sorry about that.

The good news is that the Beta 4 release contains all the new features from Beta 3 plus these:

- fixed bug in all Library commands that used IDfOoperation classes
- enhanced edit command to use IDfOperation classes and the client registry (this should promote better interoperability with Desktop and Webtop)
- added misc command assembly (ver and size commands)
- added screen height and width as config items. Also set the default screen width to 120 chars.
- changed dir command to list folders first. Objects now return more details (version, format and content size)... read more

Posted by M. Scott Roth 2007-02-09

DOCS 2.0 beta 3 Released

The third beta release includes these features and updates:
- cls/clear command
- config file
- non-case sensitivity config setting
- logging config setting
- lines per page config item
- masked password entry with *
- added config settings to about command
- moved some mthods from Utils class to DOCSCmdBase class
- updated project and user docs

Posted by M. Scott Roth 2007-01-30

DOCS 2.0 beta 2 Released

The second beta release includes:
- A user's guide
- 3 tries to logon before the application bails out
- No exception is thrown if the Docbroker can't be reached to generate a list of known Docbases
- The error handling is improved and somewhat less ugly
- COM objects are properly released when the application quits
- the usual tightening and tweaking that goes on in a beta
- no major new functionality has been added in this release

Posted by M. Scott Roth 2006-12-29

DOCS 2.0 beta 1 Released

This initial public release of DOCS 2.0 contains the following command classes:

- help
- about
- dir
- cd
- view
- dump
* Library
- checkin
- checkout
- cancel
- delete
- copy
- move
- export
- edit
- search
- find

The source code has also been posted. User and Project docs will be forth coming.

Posted by M. Scott Roth 2006-12-01

New! DOCS - DOcumentum Command Shell Project

The DOCS project is coming online. The first cut at source code and a usable beta should be uploaded by week's end. Stay tuned....

Architectural documentation and project goals should also be completed this week and made available. Anyone interested in helping out is encouraged to drop me a line.

Posted by M. Scott Roth 2006-11-27