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New release

Direct Connect Sharp Hub 3.0.4 released. Compiled under Mono 1.0.1 and running under Windows and Linux.

Posted by Nicuta Sergiu 2004-09-06

DCSharpHub 3 now working under mono

The gtk# version of DCSharpHub is working under windows and linux. We are waiting for the mono implementation of the Windows Forms, until then, the gtk version will help us make DCSharpHub portable.

Posted by Nicuta Sergiu 2004-09-04

DCSharpHub porting

A rewised version of DCSharpHub ported on go-mono will come. Stay tuned for future releases.

Posted by Nicuta Sergiu 2003-12-24

DCSharpHub 2.0.0 released

This version is complete diffrent in structure. The Direct Connect protocol is implemented now as a module.

Posted by Nicuta Sergiu 2003-08-28


This week the project administrator is searching for new teem members for this project. If you are interested in CSharp programming and file sharing please contact the administrator at

Posted by Nicuta Sergiu 2003-08-01

DCSharpHub 1.1 released

The 1.1 version of DCSharpHub is released.

Posted by Nicuta Sergiu 2003-07-07


The version 1.0 of DCSharpHub has been released.
Check the Download section for files.

Posted by Nicuta Sergiu 2003-06-27