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wastingtape takes a bow

I've uploaded some of the tweaks that i've been playing with recently as 0.0.8b. After a year of development i think i'm retiring from DconPro Hub.

*takes a bow*

Posted by T. Stone 2004-07-02

DconPro Hub 0.0.8 Released

0.0.8 marks the return of DconPro Hub to a true NT service. Batch files are included to easily start and stop the hub.

Posted by T. Stone 2003-09-06

Dconpro 0.0.5 released

not a great amount changed, fixed a few things that were annoing me, changed the installer to the m$ msi for ease (no zipping of setup files any more)

Posted by George Horton 2003-09-05

Problem with setup

there is a small problem with the setup. if forgot to include a file setup.LST, you can download this from CVS (when it updates) or grab the download again as the zip has the file in it.

appologies to all who downloaded the setup and were missing the file.

Posted by George Horton 2003-09-04

0.0.4 client is here

Rewrote the entire client, not a lot is different, but the client should be a lot more stable now.


Posted by George Horton 2003-09-03

DconPro 0.0.7 Hub Released

BIGGEST IMPROVMENT: Performance! The Broadcast network code was modified to efficiently handle the sending of hundreds of messages at a time. The end result is that the hub can now handle hundreds of chatting, searching, and PMing users. Thanks to DCStressor for the testing facilities (http://www.lwave.ca/shasta/). Running on a P4C 2.4Ghz, the hub can handle 250 simultaneous users, with 18MB RAM usage at about 20% CPU. At about 200 users, most clients NMDC, DC++, etc.) have a hard time, and ofen stop responding.

Posted by T. Stone 2003-09-01

DconPro Hub 0.0.6 Released

0.0.6 includes the first signs of the features that are visionized for the hub. Additionally, 0.0.6 introduced the usage of config.xml. Config.xml is an XML based configuration file for the hub. It will be reponsible for holding the majority of the configuration data. It's well commented and rather self explainatory.

Additionally, I threw in an expiermental feature i had been thinking of. The hub now supports server-side timestamp addition. The feature is enabled by default so you'll probably notice it. Use the forums and give us some feedback.

Posted by T. Stone 2003-05-31

DconPro Hub 0.0.5 (devel) Released

This release is more a bug fixed few a few things. The HUGEST is the now competely working network code. Have a glance at the change log for more details.

Posted by T. Stone 2003-05-17

new forums

for some reason the forums have died , and i do mean died. although i have changed all of the pages to point at some new ones. sorry for the inconvieneance.

Posted by George Horton 2003-05-08

New web page

not a significant update, but the web apge now looks better imho.

it has taken me ages to work out if how to get the forum news on the front page neatly but it seems that i have now got what i needed.

Posted by George Horton 2003-04-03

Dconpro searching

Well it has teken me some time, but finally afer a bit of reoganisation i have got the searching algorithems almost done. It is even looking for the requested type of file. all i need to look for is the file sizes and things, but that shouldn't be too hard.

Posted by George Horton 2003-03-04

lack of updates for dconpro client

Well i was working of a copy of the program to go out befor christmas, but time go the better of me and as a result i didn't release a version, and now i have not had time or the inspiration to compleate what i was working on. however in this time i have started remaking the client from scratch. i have been aiming at getting a better front end, and also getting the program slightly better organised. this is proving to slow down my development time, look for a release when i have got the client working with all the features that is was before. also i need some help. to make this client stand out from the rest of the bunch it needs to be better and have features that work well. i have my MP3 section that i am hoping with a little thought and work on my part i can get running really well, but what i need is something that the end users can really catch on to. So what i am opening this out to the floor, if you have a comment suggestion or if you want to shout at me for being annoying, anything really why don't you pop on down to http://dconpro.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/Yabb/yabb.cgi and spill your mind, don't be affraid by the lack of posts if you join others will follow.

Posted by George Horton 2003-02-05

DconPro Hub 0.0.4 (devel) Released

Version 0.0.4 adds support for active and passive connections ($Rev/ConnectToMe) and full Op support, including authenication, kicking, and forcemoving.

Posted by T. Stone 2003-01-21

DconPro Hub 0.0.3 (devel) Released!

What's new? Everything! Hub development is moving along nicely, and the hub is behaving like one would expect. Still far from completion, DconPro Hub is beginning to show potential.

Posted by T. Stone 2003-01-18

Dcon Pro Hub 0.0.2 (devel) Released

Ever want to run your own hub? Ever wonder how P2P hub services worked? Dcon Pro Hub offers a stand alone Dcon Hub service with a goal to be more flexible and easier to administer. Version 0.0.2 brings the Hub to a level where it can accept multiple TCP connections, and correctly validate those incoming connections.


Posted by T. Stone 2003-01-03

welcome new developer

today i have signed in a new recrute, wastingtape, mainly to work on producing the dconpro hub. hopefully this will further the development of this project.

Posted by George Horton 2002-12-29

New Forums

I have got some new forums up and running please start posting there

URL: http://dconpro.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi

Posted by George Horton 2002-12-06


Finally got my internet access working properly once again, stupid NTL, and found that someone had posted something in the bugs section. thankyou for your feedback, but i have opened the sourceforge forums to the public, so you can post anything that you wish about the project.

forums : http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?forum_id=231516

Posted by George Horton 2002-12-06


Finally it is now working with almost no noticable bugs, well none that i have noticed anyway

Might do a few more things and release the next version.

Hopefully it will be ready to be upgraded to a beta.

Posted by George Horton 2002-12-04

v0.0.2 Released

new version uploaded, download now for greatness

Posted by George Horton 2002-12-03

search reply bug

fixed bug when replying to searching, data was not sent right and then was not displayed correctly on the remote client

Posted by George Horton 2002-12-02


CDDB searching has been tweaked, added a new form to alow a choice of files to download

Posted by George Horton 2002-12-02


Searching is now sorted, i don't think i can get it running any faster, there is almost 0 slowdown.

Posted by George Horton 2002-12-02


Have discovered that the slowdown has not been overcome, i need to rething the method in which i am searching.

Posted by George Horton 2002-12-01

Web site done

Yes i have finnaly got the web site done, and up and finnished, probably need to sort a few things out, but for the moment i am happy with it.

Posted by George Horton 2002-12-01

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