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Disk Cleaner 1.6.1353 (1.6 final) available

A new release is available, version 1.6.1353. This is the last 1.6 version, only existing and harmful bugs shall be fixed.

See the download page for the download links.

List of changes:

30 April 2010
released version 1.6.1353 (final) of Disk Cleaner

Change log:
-Fixed: Even in quiet mode, Disk Cleaner still showed a window with results.
Thanks to Neeraj Pattath for reporting this bug.

-Fixed: When scheduling files for removal on boot, a warning was given that the required administrator
privileges were missing even when they were not.

-Updated: 7zip.dct, ieauto.dct, izarc.dct, microangelo.dct and powerarchiver.dct - thanks to NerdFencer

-Added: googlechromecookies.dct, googlechromehistory.dct, googleearthcache.dct,
googletoolbar.dct, ieurls.dct, officexp2000.dct - thanks to NerdFencer

Posted by rjm 2010-05-03

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