New source code and binary release of Disk Cleaner

A Release Candidate 3 (RC3) version of Disk Cleaner 1.6 for Xp/Vista/7 is available for download.

06 April 2010
released version 1.6.1337 (RC3) of Disk Cleaner

Change log:
-Added: /sf option in [files] section in text plug-ins ensures that subfolders are scanned as well,
but only files are removed. The directory structure is kept intact.

-Added: wintemp.dct, a plugin to forcibly clean the \Windows\Temp folder.

-Added: operacache.dct, a plugin to remove Opera 10's cache

-Added: flashcookies.dct, clears Flash Player shared objects (Flash cookies)

-Added: runmrulist.dct, Clears Windows' Run... Most Recently Used list

-Added: ieurls.dct, Clears Internet Explorer Address bar Typed URLs

-Added: quicktime.dct, Clears the Apple QuickTime Player Recent Movies history

-Changed: Made the result window non-modal, so cleaning results are shown real-time
instead of afterwards.

-Fixed: Spurious messages that a folder could not be removed, while the files in
the folder were skipped on purpose

-Fixed: Cleaning of Firefox 3 and higher's history sometimes also removed all bookmarks. This has been fixed,
the SQLite library is used to purge all history records and compact the database

Posted by rjm 2010-04-08

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