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Version 0.5.5

This version fixes a critical bug, which was introduced in the last version. If you use Version 0.5.4 you should update to this version.

Posted by Patrick Fedick 2009-04-29

Version 0.5.3

This release includes the following changes:
- Changed compression. Packets were compressed with zlib wrapper as described in RFC 1950. But the IRISLWZ RFC 4993 specifies to use RFC 1951, which is the raw deflated datastream without any header. This is a bug not only in this client, but also in DENIC's DCHK server and java client, which will be fixed soon.
- CLI: new parameter "--rfc1950" to use the zlib-wrapper in compression as it was done before. The new default is now to use the raw deflated datastream without zlib-wrapper.
- Lib: new function "irislwz_UseRFC1950", to tell the library to use the zlib-wrapper, as it was done before. The new default is now to use the raw datastream without zlib-wrapper.
- GUI: added a new checkbox to switch between wrong RFC 1950 and correct RFC 1951 compression implementation.
- Constructor of CDchk initialise the class to send uncompressed requests
- Fixed a memory leak in irislwz_Talk
- Enhanced dchk.m4 autoconf macro

Posted by Patrick Fedick 2008-12-01

New Version: 0.5.2

I was very busy this weeknd and have started to write a generic DCHK server. For testing purposes I have added a few new functions to the client and also fixed some Bugs:
* Fixed a bug in the XML parser</li>
* Fixed some typos in the configure script
* Added new functions for testing purposes. The functions can be used to manipulate the request packet before it gets send to a server. Use them to test a server's behavior of corrupt data.
* A response with transactionId 0xffff is not treated as error anymore
* Fixed a wrong path in Doxygen configuration file
* CLI: renamed flag --ac back to --dac. The rename in the last version was completely stupid, and in fact the CLI interpreted the flag as to not send compressed requests...

Posted by Patrick Fedick 2008-11-23

First DCHK release

Today we have released the first version of DCHK, Version 0.5.0. It already contains the complete sourcecode for the DCHK-library, command line client (CLI), graphical user interface (GUI) and complete documentation.

The Release comes in two flavours:
* Pure sourcecode in a .tar.gz-file, which contains the source of the library, the command line client, the graphical userinterface and HTML documentation
* precompiled package for Microsoft Windows, which contains not only the sources and documentation, but also precompiled binaries of the command line client and the graphical user interface.... read more

Posted by Patrick Fedick 2008-10-10

DENIC has launched it's DCHK service

On 23. September 2008, the german registry DENIC ( has launched the first DomainCheck (DCHK) service worldwide. DENIC is the first domain registry to break new ground in this field: It plans to substitute the high-performance Domaincheck (DCHK) for the known information service ''whois'' in the medium term. The DCHK specification (RFC 5144), published at the start of 2008, is based on the IRIS standard (Internet Registry Information Service, RFC 3981), which needed several years of intensive work to be established. As a member of the IETF Working Group CRISP (Cross Registry Information Service Protocol), DENIC's employee Marcus Sanz took a leading role in formulating IRIS.
See for more details

Posted by Patrick Fedick 2008-10-10