feature request

  • mobab

    mobab - 2005-05-15


    first of all: Nice work. So many Updates. Just building a new deb-Package; then comes a new version of dcfldd, uuurgh ;-).

    I think dcfldd is nearly perfect if the output can be compressed (respectively uncompressed the input for restore).


    PS: Sorry for my bad english, it's just not my native language. 

    • Martin Scharrer

      Martin Scharrer - 2005-10-15

      Why not just piping through a compression program (no 'of=').

      $  dcfldd if=/dev/hda1 bs=2M ... | gzip -c > outfile.gz

      or with bzip2 (better but MUCH slower compression):

      $  dcfldd if=/dev/hda1 bs=2M ... | bzip2 -c > outfile.gz

    • mobab

      mobab - 2005-11-03

      Cuurently i do this. But sometimes the images needs to be split. Then i take split, of course. dcfldd has the split feature, why not also compressing. perhaps sgzip (http://pyflag.sourceforge.net/Documentation/tutorials/forensics.html)?


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