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DCCF v2.2 released

New version of DCCF has been released 2006/10/02. It contain more than 40 changes and fixes. Most important are:

- client completely rewrited
- client now may receive report of only one module
- client now may initiate cycle only for one module
- much faster compression and backup stage
- ETA / progress counter
- server side file parsing
- mutex for client
- many more improvements and bug fixes

Posted by simpletk 2006-10-02

DCCF Server 2.1 Patch #1

DCCF Server v2.1 need path for correct sending of reports to the client. The patch can be found here:

if you have problem with applying patch, send me email to

Posted by simpletk 2006-06-02

DCCF v2.1 released

Delphi CVS Compile Farm v2.1 has been released, here is the changes:

Bug Fixes:
- client: accept setting of server ip and port now
- server: when is minimized, compile script is run hidden

New features:
- server: basic parser for files (usually .cfg)
- server: new transfer protocol with special chars encoding
- server: transfer protocol documentation in english
- client: option for not displaying inherited messages
- client: may hide invisible report tags
- client: report memo become read only
- client: set initial focus to report memo
- both: changed icons
- both: support for sending report via socket ... read more

Posted by simpletk 2006-06-01

DCCF v2.0 released

First official version of DCCF has been released. Main features:

- It works!
- Windows installers for Client and Server
- Source code

Posted by simpletk 2006-05-17