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Version 7.2.641 for Windows Released

All the same great features of previously released 7.2.641 source now compiled in a Windows 64bit version.

Download it here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/dc3dd/files/dc3dd/7.2%20-%20Windows/

Please note:
This is a compiled stand alone 64 bit version of DC3DD. It needs to be run within a 64 bit Operating System. Simply run the executable from a command line.

Please note: If handling drives over 2TB, make sure you are using a full 64 bit Operating System.

Posted by Matt Levendoski 2015-03-04

Version 7.2.641 Released

Noteworthy changes in v7.x.x:

Verification hashes
Simplified command line
Can mix split and unsplit outputs
User-defined sector size
Display/logging enhancements
More compiled in options support

There are 3 updates in v7.2.641. Log output may be sent to multiple job logs and hash logs. Verification of an image restored to a device larger than the image is now supported. Specifying hof=DEVICE will now default to phod=DEVICE behavior (hash only the bytes output by dc3dd, not the full device).... read more

Posted by Matt Levendoski 2014-06-13

Version 6.12.3 Released

dc3dd 6.12.3 is now available. This release fixes two bugs - incorrect hashwindow hashes displayed on OS X, and a crash when attempting to verify against an empty file. Also included are some new features: version number printed in the startup message, hashes always displayed to the console, and blockbench.pl now works on OS X.

Posted by Andrew Medico 2009-03-19

Updating SVN to Coreutils 6.10

Although version 6.9.91 is barely out the door, the good folks at GNU have pushed out Coreutils version 6.10. This version of the base package has some fixes to the library upon which dc3dd sits, but no real changes for dd per se. As such I've updated the base package code in the current SVN repo. This new base package should form version 6.10 of dc3dd sometime in the near future.

Posted by Jesse Kornblum 2008-02-08

Version 6.9.91 released

We're published our first release corresponding to GNU dd version 6.9.91. Enjoy!

Posted by Jesse Kornblum 2008-02-01

Code available via SVN

I've checked in the source code for dc3dd using Subversion. You're welcome (and encouraged) to download it and test it out. See http://sourceforge.net/svn/?group_id=212454 for the details on how to do this.

Right now I know the code compiles on Linux (Ubuntu and Fedora), OS X, and FreeBSD. It does *not* compile on OpenSolaris. I'd be curious to know your experiences on other platforms!

Posted by Jesse Kornblum 2007-12-22

First release expected 1 Feb 2008

Hello and welcome to the dc3dd project!

We know you are excited to get started with dc3dd, but we want to make sure the tool is fully tested before we release it to the public. With that in mind we are planning on publishing our first version no later than 1 Feb 2008. The documentation should be up before then, so let us know if you have any ideas for improvement.

Posted by Jesse Kornblum 2007-12-19