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This project has been restarted and reinvigorated with the release of the 2.3 trunk of DBMail. While the 2.3 trunk may be a development version and therefore not suitable for production servers, it does give me a chance to rekindle the code into something much better.

The single-instance storage of the 2.3 trunk will make listing emails quicker, as the entire email does not have to be parsed to tell if it has an attachment or not. Hopefully more logic will be moved to the database, with PHP just guiding the way.... read more

Posted by Borvik Bramblewood 2008-06-16

New News

From this point on all news will be handled by the project website at http://borvik.gotdns.com/dbwebmail.

Really important news - like a new release, might show up here as well, but it will first be available at the project website.

Posted by Borvik Bramblewood 2006-10-31

Progress Update

Well, the refresh link now works!

This allowed more function to work, as I could call them and then refresh (such as Delete message, then refresh list to remove it from the list).

Not only does the refresh link work, so does switching between folders, paging through long lists, deleting (to trash), restoring - and a new feature not seen in the beta (non ajax): moving to other folders!

Now to get the delete from Trash, compose page, settings page, and reading page to all work and then I'm ready for another beta!... read more

Posted by Borvik Bramblewood 2006-08-04

Another Progress Update

Progress has been proceeding fairly well, even if a little slower than I would have liked.

Now that I've been working with the AJAX development and seeing the responses of it - I don't know why I would use anything else for a project like this!

I've been working on the functionality of the box summary pages as of late, and have got a few of the functions working. Here's a list: the Select actions (All, none, etc...), starring & unstarring individual messages, using the action box to star/unstar/read/unread messages.... read more

Posted by Borvik Bramblewood 2006-08-02

Progress Update - AJAX

The login page now works!

The login is handled via AJAX, and once logged in successfully the page refreshes to show the box summary. Once at the box summary most activity there will also be AJAX.

I've been working on making sure there are two templates for use with this version - and on my quest to make this expandable, decided to also include langauge support.

Templates are done completely with CSS (and images), which is the best way for an AJAX site to work. Just put the appropriate template files in it's own directory under the templates directory, and the script should read it (as long as there is a template.conf.php file specifing the name of the template).... read more

Posted by Borvik Bramblewood 2006-07-17

It's Been a While

Wow, it's been a while since I posted some new news.

Well - after getting so far in the project, it sorted died when I was actually able to use it and hardly any input was coming in (thanks for those who did send input!). Died only in the sense that I didn't code anymore for it (not that I didn't want to).

One user suggested that I use AJAX. At first I thought that would be difficult to implement with the template system I wanted, but after further chatting I decided what the hey - another way to keep me busy and the project going right!... read more

Posted by Borvik Bramblewood 2006-07-11

Bug Fixes

It's been a while since my last news update. Things have been going slowly for the project as of late. Still hoping to hear about bugs/requests from those people that have downloaded the project.

There has been a few updates to the cvs though. A setting has been added to the settings pages. You can now change your password!

I've also fixed a bug I found with message sizes. Apparently I had the sql created and setup to modify the users size limit when a message was Sent/Saved, but I never ran it! This threw off the calculation for when you deleted it, possibly giving you a negative size - yeah that's possbile.... read more

Posted by Borvik Bramblewood 2006-04-21

Beta Report

Well, in my effort to release news on a fairly regular basis - here is the new news report.

Beta has been underway for a couple of weeks now, and I've noticed that a few people have downloaded the project.

I've yet to hear from anyone about bugs/feature requests - so it's difficult to judge how things are going. I would love to hear from some who have downloaded and I would assume have tried it out.... read more

Posted by Borvik Bramblewood 2006-04-06

Beta 1

Beta 1 has officially started!

I've gotten in all the functionality I wanted for a major release. There is still tweaking that needs to be done in several areas, as well as some features that I'm sure people will want to see.

For now, test the software - and submit feedback, and feature requests.

Posted by Borvik Bramblewood 2006-03-24

Alpha Progress Report 2

Well, as some may already know (if they have kept up in the Open Discussion forum) that I've included that major features I want to before I release to Beta status.

However, there is one issue that remains. The logo. I'm still waiting to get permission to use the logo from the logo's creator. If denied, I'll have to come up with one on my own. As soon as I get the logo stuff sorted out, I'll be releasing to beta. Look for this coming soon!

Posted by Borvik Bramblewood 2006-03-21

Alpha Progress Report

First I'd like to say I will try to keep reports coming on a semi-regular basis, I know I've been slacking lately - but I've been concentrating on finishing this up some functionality lately.

Ok on to the progress report.

I'm officially moving into the Alpha stage, now that I've gotten most functionality into the system.

Alpha testing will be internally tested, by myself on several different severs/browsers.... read more

Posted by Borvik Bramblewood 2006-03-08

Progress Report

I'm getting excited about the possibility of releasing sometime in the near future.

Functionality is coming together on the e-mail box pages. E-mails can be read, and attachments can be downloaded. The compose page can be viewed and the rich-text editor works, however nothing actually sends.

Contacts is a dead link right now, and last on my list of tasks to complete.

Posted by Borvik Bramblewood 2006-02-23

First Step

I have taken the first step!

It took some time, but I figured out the CVS and now have my current files available from there.

It is not currently ready for release, but hopefully - with any luck - within the next week or so, I should be able to release something that works.

Posted by Borvik Bramblewood 2006-02-18

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