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Progress Update - AJAX

The login page now works!

The login is handled via AJAX, and once logged in successfully the page refreshes to show the box summary. Once at the box summary most activity there will also be AJAX.

I've been working on making sure there are two templates for use with this version - and on my quest to make this expandable, decided to also include langauge support.

Templates are done completely with CSS (and images), which is the best way for an AJAX site to work. Just put the appropriate template files in it's own directory under the templates directory, and the script should read it (as long as there is a template.conf.php file specifing the name of the template).

Language support (currently I don't have an option to select, I'm selecting manually for testing) is handled like many other projects - via a file in the languages directory containing an array of the phrases needed. If there is no cookie present the script attempts to automatically determine the language and load the file for it - this still needs a little work, but so far so good.

The box summary page is almost completely designed. I've just got to work out the positioning and look of the error/warning message.

Posted by Borvik Bramblewood 2006-07-17

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