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DBReplicator 2.2.4 release

DBReplicator version 2.2.4 is released! This version includes many small tweaks to fix user-submitted errors, and a few performance enhancements deemed necessary after field testing. Specifically, snapshot creation on the publisher is now MUCH faster with large datasets.

Changes include:

* Fix building on jdk6
* Improve memory handling when creating snapshot xml file. This removes the limit on the size of the dataset
* updated many of the javadoc comments, and added javadoc build routines.
* fixes for MYSQL create publication bug. Removed the uppercase stuff from mysql code.
* Tested and working with Postgres 8.2/8.3. A few fixes to make that possible.... read more

Posted by brian 2008-12-23

DBReplicator Released!

After much procrastination, the DBReplicator project has finally managed to release its files for download.

Much help is needed in the area of testing. With so many supported databases, this can be quite challenging. The latest updated documentation and announcements, as well as database-specific notes can be found at http://dbreplicator.org

Posted by brian 2008-03-28