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DBManager (Database Abstraction Layer) / News: Recent posts

DBManager 0.8.9b

We stopped working on the next generation DBManager, because it would be too complex. If you want everything, you could use one of the very good Object-Relational-Bridges out there. But if you want it easy and simple take DBManager. Our next release will have more datatypes included, so be aware.

Posted by Michael Jakl 2002-03-10

DBManager forecast

We'll start the design for the next DBManager immediately. Plans are for a split in a small superclass and a set of utilities in a seperate class. We'll also implement Transaction handling and provide very strong flexibility to choose your database. We'll provide configurations for Oracle, MS SQL Server, Firebird (Interbase), MySQL and many more. Our goal is to make the best and most flexible DAL (Database Abstraction Layer) for Java and JDBC Databases. I hope you'll enjoy :-)

Posted by Michael Jakl 2002-01-09


This release supports more than one Database and ConnectionPool in one instance of the DBManager. Since 0.8.5 a new Member (Michael Weissenbacher) is working on this project. He has made a simmilar Manager - but proprietary in a commercial firm - so he has many experience in this area.

Posted by Michael Jakl 2002-01-05


This release is nearly ready for final or 0.9 :-) I'll have to implement the search for the config.xml and some minor features. In Release 0.9 I'll try to fix all Bugs for 1.0. Work on 2.0 will start after that.

Posted by Michael Jakl 2002-01-02

DBManager 0.7-Beta

This release is a very early release (but still 0.7 :-)) it can't read the configuration from the config.xml file, but the DAL is useable and the ConnectionPool (protomatter) ist working well!

Posted by Michael Jakl 2002-01-01