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Posted by AdrienS 2009-03-21

600 downloads for dblatexreport birthday

dblatex report is now 1 year old and has 600 downloads ! Just say happy birthday to dblatexreport by sending an encouragement email ;-p

Posted by AdrienS 2007-10-01

SQL Server 2005 Output sample added

A new SQL Server 2005 sample has been added, only focused on Limitations and metadatas. Useful if you want to know quickly SQL Server limitations (rowsize, columns lenght, ...).

Posted by AdrienS 2007-04-25


300 downloads reached for a project that was initially only dedicated to personal usage, not so bad. Enjoy DbLatexReport and if you like the tool, send me a mail, it will motivate me for further developments and features.
In all cases, have fun.

Posted by AdrienS 2007-04-14

New Samples available

Some new samples (tex and output pdf) are available for Oracle and SQL Server report. Check for more details

Posted by AdrienS 2007-04-10

102 downloads in March

DbLatexReport has known an historical month : it has been downloaded 102 times in March. Please do not compare with VLC downloads but it seems like some people aprreciated it ...

Posted by AdrienS 2007-04-10

2007-03-19 Released

Minor release with statistics on columns, types, table types statistics with bar charts.
More details on

Posted by AdrienS 2007-04-10

2007-03-11 released

The Query Frame has been updated with html support and some more enhancements. The table categories stats has also been added : an histogram is now generated in the Report (\bar package). See for a more detailed list of changes.

To come : more statistics about native types used in tables and views.

Posted by AdrienS 2007-03-19

2007-03-02 Released

Bug correction release for SQL Authenticated data sources on the SQL Query Panel. No new feature. See for more details.

Posted by AdrienS 2007-03-06

2007-02-25 Released

A new feature has been added : we can now make queries on the target database/link to get datas and metadatas. It is also possible to dump binary columns in local files. Have a look at for more details.

This release will be (i hope) soon enhanced.

Posted by AdrienS 2007-02-25

2007-01-28 Released

Added the schema restriction to be more schema-centric. Other changes have bee nperformed, kave a look at for more details.

Posted by AdrienS 2007-01-28

2007-01-15 Minor release

A shortcut to ODBCConfig (the most commonly used ODBC link manager) tool has been added on Linux stations. Soon a major release will be available, with a better support for odbc drivers (for tables reporting for example).

Posted by AdrienS 2007-01-20


100 downloads reached. I'm quite surprised to see how fast downloads go their way. Future plan are minor bug releases, as soon as i have enough time for. Keep on enjoying datasources.

Posted by AdrienS 2007-01-16

2007-01-04 Minor release

Bug correction for Jdbc driver connection. A shortcut to native station odbc manager has been added, for Windows only for now. A soon i have access to a linux station, shortcut to ODBCConfig or gODBCConfig will be added. See for more details.

Posted by AdrienS 2007-01-04

New Year Website update

A new section (see\)has been added to provide most commonly used Jdbc drivers. Jdbc urls and classnames are provided, with links.
As soon as i have more time, i'll make it as complete as possible.

Posted by AdrienS 2006-12-31

New Year Release

A GUI interface is now available to make reports in an easier way.
An installer is also available for all platforms (.exe, .jar, .lin, .sh). The installer is command line or UI based, depending on how you launch it.
Documentation (in fact the website contents) is also available inthe installer.
Hoping this release will make DbLaTexReport easier to use, i wish you a happy new year.

Posted by AdrienS 2006-12-31

Web site update

Web site has been updated to provide some more links, new pages (features, limitations).

Coming soon : a page dedicated to drivers and one page for tutorials.

Enjoy (maven built) web site.

Posted by AdrienS 2006-12-11

December release !

A new and major release is available with new reported metadatas, like foreign keys, as well as cross referencing charts to graphically see relations between tables.

The report is now indexed, datas can now be browsed in a more convenient way.

To have a better overview of changes, have a look at the changelog :

An output samples packages has been created, so if you want to know more about what you can expect, have a look at it.

Posted by AdrienS 2006-12-10

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