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Dblatex 0.2.11 chunks a set of books

The dblatex 0.2.11 release fixes some bugs, and allows a user to publish a set of books, giving one PDF file per book contained in the set. Cross-references between the books are supported.

Posted by Guillon 2009-06-21

Dblatex 0.2.9 can use XeTeX

DocBook to LaTeX Publishing transforms your SGML/XML DocBook documents to DVI, PostScript or PDF by translating them in pure LaTeX as a first process. MathML 2.0 markups are supported too. It started as a clone of DB2LaTeX.

The XeTeX backend is added to dblatex 0.2.9. XeTeX is modern a TeX engine that allows you to compile the document natively in UTF-8. All the workarounds and tricky things to handle non latin1 characters are no more needed.

Posted by Guillon 2008-05-28

Dblatex 0.2.7 supports xrefstyle and olinking

The common stylesheets used from the DocBook Project are updated and synced to the 1.72 release. Now, dblatex supports xrefstyle and olinking. Of course, the 0.2.7 release also includes other improvements and bug fixes.

Posted by Guillon 2007-09-04

Dblatex 0.2.5 supports CJK langs

Dblatex can now handle Chinese, Japanese or Korean. In addition, some parts of the encoding/parsing are recoded and should be more robust an consistent.

Posted by Guillon 2007-04-27

Dblatex 0.2.2 can BibTeX

The 0.2.2 release can use some bibtex databases, and optionally apply some specified bibtex styles. Of course, the 0.2.2 release also contains other improvements and bug fixes.

Posted by Guillon 2006-12-22

Dblatex 0.2 runs on Windows

With release 0.2 dblatex is now able to run on Windows, with MikTeX as underlying TeX engine. Many thanks to Nicolas Pernetty who did that port.

Posted by Guillon 2006-10-28

Dblatex goes with Python

With version 0.2pre comes the time when dblatex replaces Perl by Python to do the whole job that the XSL stylesheets cannot do.

Posted by Guillon 2006-09-29