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Bugfix version released

This version fixes many bugs and introduced the Dansk translation xml script which was submitted by Jan Bruun Andersen.

Posted by Peter Klauer 2004-03-08

DBFrontend released

This version knows two more configuration components which it reads from a new configuration script as there are "spin" and "quoted_dir". It has balloon hints and fixes the upslipped listbox bug.
The history has now its own window.
Some more minor changes.

I find this version good enough to go "beta" with it, but still am hesitating.

Posted by Peter Klauer 2004-03-06

DBFrontend released

This version reads an external configuration script to generate all setup components on the fly. New translations can be plugged in via lang.ini and a corresponding xml file.

Posted by Peter Klauer 2004-03-01

dbfrontend 0.5.8

changes to dbfrontend

* No more buttons, they went to a new menu.

* Remember the last project used and reload it on startup.

* The snapshot image becomes less important and smaller and goes into the bottom left corner. This was done in order to waste less space and to fit on a 800x600 screen.

* New menu sections for all project tabs. Of course, all menus are new now, but "Sections" did not exist before and the buttons in "File" and "View" did.... read more

Posted by Peter Klauer 2004-02-22

DBFrontend 0.5.6

After fiddling around with the file release system I managed on the first attempt to release a bugfix that was never found and instead delivered the old and buggy version. Now I understand why the name of the files in a release should reflect the project version. This time the release 0.5.6 will really be a bugfix and hopefully work for you.

Posted by Peter Klauer 2004-02-21