Questions and Answers

Jarvis Wang

DBIO is a database workload simulation tool, used for testing database I/O subsystem in OLTP workload. Users can trace and analyze their real database I/O workload to define a DBIO configuration to simulate their own database I/O. DBIO simulation result is almost the same as the real database system. Users can use their DBIO configuration to test the I/O sub-system to get a more real performance before investment.

DBIO is written in Java, but the buffer and file operations are written in JNI C. Version 1.00 only supports Windows and Linux Platform, later versions will support more OS platforms.

A standard configuration file tpcc.xml is defined in the software, which is traced from DB2 database running TPC-C workload, and is used for DBIO Standard Benchmark Audit Test. Storage vendors can public there DBIO Benchmark Results on the DBIO website.

Application Users can submit their own benchmark configurations to DBIO website to let storage vendors to test and public their performance results under the user-defined workload.

You need a license key from IOMark to use DBIO software.

If you have any questions or problem when using the software, reply this thread or send mail to