Segmentation fault on connect

  • Massimiliano Ciancio

    i've just upgraded my new PC from a RH7.3 with perl 5.6 to Fedora with perl 5.8.
    My perl programs using DBD::InterBase (working on my old RH7.3 and on another PC with RH7.3 and perl 5.6) now gives a segfault while connecting to DB (Firebird 1.0.2 for Linux).
    This problem is not costant: sometimes it works!
    If I use Devel::ptkdb for debugging I obtain another msg: "free(): invalid pointer 0x96a4710!".
    I'm using the last 0.42 version of your module.
    I've tried a little program with just a connect: it fails (sometimes) with the same segfault.
    Any ideas???
    Thanks in advance

    • Massimiliano Ciancio

      I solved my problem.
      I reinstalled DBI-1.37 and DBD::InterBase-0.30 and now all works :-((

      • Edwin Pratomo

        Edwin Pratomo - 2004-02-25

        This is fixed in current CVS HEAD. but you can expect 0.43 release soon.


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