Wrong Profiler Output

  • Sengir

    Sengir - 2003-06-23

    Im using Maguma Studio with the latest DBG on php 4.2.3

    Debugging works fine, but profiler output is complete nonsense. most of the time is consumed by functions which definitely get never called in my test script.

    is there a maximum function limit in the debugger or maguma studio profile analyzer?
    its a quite large project, I dont know how many exactly, but there are a few thousand functions.

    thanks in advance,


    • Sengir

      Sengir - 2003-06-23

      no, debugging does not work fine.
      the courser doesnt step over a function, it graphically walks into it. but executed are the lines below(that is, when I "step into", it steps into functions below. the courser is somewhere else above)

      maybe that is the same problem? does the debugger return line numbers return to the client?
      so if the client interprets the line numbers incorrectly the consumed time is evaluated incorrectly.


    • Sengir

      Sengir - 2003-06-23

      answering myself...
      so, the strange courser was because of newline/carriage return.
      the debugger seems only to work with \10, not with \13\10, even on windows.

      but profiler output is still nonsense, changing all files to \10 has not solved this.

    • Dmitri Dmitrienko

      First of all, php _itself_ does not work correctly if lines are terminated with \r. It requires them to be ended with either \n or \n\r.
      As with Maguma & their profiler, it's really hard to guess what might happen. I think that the problem is not in the Debugger.
      Dbg operates with the same line numbers as php itself. For example, if you omit quotes when accessing an array member with a string key, you'll get an E_NOTICE from php. It will contain the same line number as dbg when showing you the line being executed.



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