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    Welcome to Open Discussion

    • Jo Vandermeeren

      Jo Vandermeeren - 2007-01-22

      Hi Jef,

      Great job with dbedit!
      Great features would be:

      - releases packaged as executable jar
      - IntelliJ IDEA plugin


      • Jef Van Den Ouweland

        Hi Jo,

        Thanks for appreciating DBEdit.
        The next release will contain Linux and Solaris binaries.
        An Intellij plugin would be nice indeed, I'll try to put it in for a future release.


  • ZeeK

    ZeeK - 2010-07-06

    changes.txt does not contain the addition of PREVIEW dialog box when "exported to text file", please update

  • Jef Van Den Ouweland

    It does

    - Improved export and open behaviour of result sets and lobs

    Many improvements summarized because every specific change would be too much to list

  • ZeeK

    ZeeK - 2010-07-08

    I was trying to add up few features and in the process I was unable to find dbedit.ConnectionData.java##isMysql() where as other method to confirm driver was present.
    Was just wondering why does not dbedit.ConnectionData.java has any isMysql() method?… Is there any other way to work out, or its simply not required so far.

    Aman (ZeeK)

  • Jef Van Den Ouweland

    Not required anymore. Ultimate goal is to make all database engine specifics obsolete. The more generic code, the better.

  • Solomon Funny

    Solomon Funny - 2013-08-22

    I have downloaded DB2EDIT for evaluation and have two questions:

    I am trying to create a connection to a non-default SQL Server Instance. I am having difficulty generating the connect string.

                Server name                  nts-isdbp2
                Instance name                SCSP
                Database name                SCSPDB

    The url generated is jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://nts-isdbp2:1433/SCSPDB

    I have tried adding the instance name after the server name nts-isdbp2\SCSP:1433, but receive Login failed for user ‘sa’, even though I am using the correct password. I believe the issue is the connect syntax

    Has anyone created a connect string to a non-default SQL Server Instance?


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