regions within regions and custom datatypes

  • Andrew Howell

    Andrew Howell - 2008-12-08

    nice tool, doing just about all I wanted - I looked at staruml and it was massive overkill for my immediate requirement. So thank you everyone involved.

    Anyway, I've been drawing a diagram of all systems I've made / maintained over the years and one of the things that I've been fighting with is regions within regions.

    If anyone's tried this they've probably noticed the lack of z-order controls (or maybe I never found them?) but it seems to me that every time a region is drawn, it is automatically given the lowest z-order of all objects in the diagram since it always appears behind everything.
    Anyway, over time as I've edited things, maybe in between saves, this seems to have been lost / reset resulting in my sub regions being behind their larger parent regions.

    If I'm lucky and redraw all regions starting with the upper most, I can get it to appear as I want but sooner or later the layering is messed up. I realise I'm using an undocumented / hidden / magic kind of feature here but has anyone else had more luck with a different strategy?

    Also I'm not using MySQL and I created custom datatypes to create my fields from. I was a bit surprised to find they all disappeared when I began a new diagram - then I read that new diagrams would be based on settings from the .ini file. "No problem", I thought, I'll just hack the .ini file. Except that seemed to have absolutely no affect on the available datatypes of new diagrams. So where is this stuff stored? My workaround for this was no big deal, I just saved a "blank custom" diagram with my datatypes and then start any new diagrams by modifying this & then using "save as."

    here's hoping for some kind of reply, I've a nasty feeling this project is almost in the realm of the forgotten but one has to try =D

    • Andrew Howell

      Andrew Howell - 2008-12-08

      I have actually just discovered that I can reproduce the desired z-order by reordering the region definitions in the saved .xml file. The earliest region definition in the file is drawn top-most and every subsequent definition is drawn underneath previous ones.

      What I don't know is what controls the order of the region definitions in the file when it's saved, maybe it's related to the position on the diagram? Have to admit I've not really bothered looking into it since I've kind of fixed my problem without having to redraw the regions - my diagram won't change a huge amount now it's complete so I shouldn't be hosing it much more..


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