Version 0.25 released

This new release will also appear as an
optional plugin in the SQuirreL 2.3
final installer, making it unnecessary
to download the plugin and install it
separately as with previous releases.
Still this version is being made available
here for those who wish to stick with the
version of SQuirreL that they have. Please
be sure to choose the correct plugin archive
file (the *compat* files are only to be used
with 1.2beta6 - they will not work with
SQuirrel 2.x)

Changes in release 0.25 of DBCopy plugin were:

- Previously, when copying from Axion and "Copy Primary Keys" or
"Copy Foreign Keys" was selected, the copy operation would fail with
SQLException stating the following:

"getPrimaryKeys() is not supported"

"getImportedKeys() is not supported"

Now, when using Axion as the source database, the copy operation will ignore
the user's preference for these settings, since it is not possible to honor
them with Axion and complete the copy operation.

- When selecting tables to copy, the user can now select the "TABLES" folder
which will mark all tables contained in that schema for copy. Previously,
the user would have to expand the tables folder and select all tables
manually. Similarly, the "TABLES" folder has also become a "target" for
paste operations.

- Added support for TimesTen 6.0 (Note: fetch size for TimesTen is max 128.
If the preference is set to larger than this, 128 will be used)

- Bugfix: In getting the qualified name of a table (schema.table) when the
schema was an empty string, the qualified name would appear to be ".table"

- Bugfix: Added CLOB type to the list of types for which clearParameters must
be called prior to setting parameters when null and non-null values are used
for MySQL driver.

- Bugfix: Use the same logic to determine the source column type for "OTHER"
type when inserting records into destination, as is used to determine what
types to use for creating the table in the destination database. Previously,
the "OTHER" type resolution was only being done for table creation and not
for record insertion.

Posted by Rob Manning 2006-08-27

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