Version 0.16 released

0.16 (8/21/2005)

- Added custom column type mappings for IBM DB2. (Tested against DB2 PE for Windows)

- Added new configuration option to disable auto-detection of destination
database.(This causes the Hibernate dialect chooser to always appear when
copying to a new database session. Dialect choices are cached for existing
sessions). The configuration is available in

"Global Preferences" -> "DBCopy" -> "Column Type Mapping"

- Fixed bug which would cause destination copy sessions to linger in memory even
after being closed.

- Changed Oracle type mapping for LONGVARCHAR to use CLOB instead of LONG since
LONG is deprecated and multiple LONG columns for a single table aren't supported
whereas multiple CLOB columns for a single table are.

- Massive refactoring to provide a framework for external application integration.
(For the most part, this facilitates writing a driver that automates regression
testing, but might be useful for other 3rd-party integrations)

Posted by Rob Manning 2005-08-22

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