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Version 0.14 released

Changes include:

- Added support for caching BLOBs to disk during transfer to prevent
the client from running out of memory on large BLOBs. Transfer buffer
size is configurable.

- Added DB Copy tab to Global Preferences section of SQuirreL to configure
preferences for the DB Copy Plugin.

- Truncate can now be used for databases that support it, instead of "delete".
This can be turned on/off for all databases in the preferences. If enabled
it will be attempted, and if not supported, delete will be used instead.

- When truncating/deleting records for tables that exist in the destination
database, the dialog that prompts for record deletion now has a "Yes to all"
button to apply record deletion to all destination tables.

- Added support for choosing additional Hibernate dialects if destination
database vendor couldn't be determined. (DB2, Derby, FrontBase, Informix,
Ingres, Interbase, McKoi and TimesTen)

Posted by Rob Manning 2005-08-06

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