DBAShell Version 0.85 Released

DBAShell is a project based around Shell functions and scripts designed to make it easy for DBA's to use Databases in a command line environment. Currently supported is Oracle with ksh and bash on AIX, Solaris, Linux. The code base itself is 3 years old and has been in use in Production environments all of that time.

Features include:

* Automatic setting of all environment variables based on SID requested.
* Manage PATH's and other path like variables for each ORACLE_HOME needed.
* Run scripts with stored passwords (no more hard-coding of passwords!!)
* Automatically set SID based on Script location (makes it easier to share scripts between SID's)
* manage temporary script output and check for oracle errors in output
* check database status and versions from scripts
* stop/start databases in parallel (faster startup)
* compile all database objects
* analyze objects in parallel (Faster analyzes)
* set aliases and variables for common SID areas, etc..
* many helpful commands for common Oracle tasks

CHANGES in this update:
* Re-architected dbashell.sh to use modular design for os, shell,
database support functions and variables. New directory 'modules'.
* Added ksh support.
* Added autoloading support for functions. Cut down initial
environment size from 52K to 11K. Each module as well as main
scripts folder now has an 'autoload' folder.
* Added dbashell_unload function to cleanly remove all functions and
variables used by dbashell. Useful for testing and also to clean
environment before calling programs that may complain about a
cluttered environment.
* Added dbashell_verbose and dbashell_debug functions to help with
turning on testing and debugging output. New variables
DBASHELL_VERBOSE and DBASHELL_DEBUG. Added command line options
to dbashell.sh to support turning on those variables: -v and -d respectively.
* Updated installer to understand subdirectories and softlinks.
* Fixed is_db_up to not rely on oracle owner being named 'oracle'
* Added AIX_THREADSCOPE variable for AIX Oracle setup
* Fixed sqlplus_cmd to not rely on seeing 'Connected' in the logs.
Oracle 10g Sqlplus omits this word.
* Added TODO file.

Project Site: http://sourceforge.net/projects/dbashell/
Download: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/dbashell/dbashell-0.85.tar.gz?download
Release Notes: http://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?group_id=170224&release_id=431098
Documentation: http://sourceforge.net/docman/display_doc.php?docid=33704&group_id=170224

Posted by carkb 2006-07-11

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