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Qt 4 Port

I can't put if off any longer. I have begun porting Database Architect to Qt 4 since there are too many features I want to implement that cannot be easily done with Qt 3. Not that porting to Qt 4 is easy, but it's easier than duplicating all the functionality that Qt 4 will provide once the porting is done.

I don't plan on making any releases until the port is finished, but I will be making regular Subversion commits.

Posted by Tony O'Bryan 2007-06-10


Please download from the Subversion repository, as that is the preferred method of source code distribution. From this point forward, formal code releases will be done only for precompiled binaries (which will be done rarely, if ever).

Posted by Tony O'Bryan 2007-05-07

Database Architect 0.6.1 released

This version is a bug-fix release. Table connections are now properly drawn when a Database Architect file is loaded. The connections no longer appear at the upper left corner of their respective widgets.

Table and connection visibility are now saved with their respective table and column data.

Posted by Tony O'Bryan 2003-12-26

Version 0.6.0 released

This is a hybrid bug-fix/new-features release. The changelog is below:

Tony O'Bryan
* Added "Show/Hide all connections" to the workspace context
menu. This is different from the same option within the
table context menu since this one applies to all connectors
on all tables, not just the selected table.
* Added "Show all tables" to workspace context menu and took
it out of the table context menu.
* The table context menu now greys the appropriate hide/show
menu items depending on the current visibility of the
column connector for that entry.
* Changed the column properties dialog so foreign keys can now
have null values.

Posted by Tony O'Bryan 2003-12-25

New alpha release

Version 0.5.2, my latest alpha release, is now available for download. Version 0.5.0 was pulled due to a security SNAFU on my part.

Version 0.5.2 fixed the security issue as well as an annoying bug. Foreign key references were not maintained for tables that were created manually (that is, that were not created by decoding an existing database) or when table names changed. Table name changes now maintain foreign key integrity.... read more

Posted by Tony O'Bryan 2003-12-23

New name

Database Designer is now Database Architect. After a still birth, and after languishing for a full year, I've gotten back to work on the software.

It is suitable only for developers, not end users, as it doesn't do anything useful. I'm laying the foundation. On the bright side, new developers will have a fairly easy time coming up to speed since this project is still small.

Posted by Tony O'Bryan 2003-07-06

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