Anonymous - 2007-01-22

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I'm a little confused as to what exactly your problem is. DBAN wipes the entire hard drive, removing everything, INCLUDING the operating system which for you is Windows 95*. If you are donating the computer to charity that is completely acceptable seeing as they will most likely want to remove the OS and replace it anyway.

If you are worried because windows 95 isn't starting up, don't because after using DBAN its not even supposed to be on the hard drive at all. Operating systems are software that exist on the hard drive and load up during computer startup. The only permanant program on any computer is the BIOS which manages the hardware on the computer and don't worry about that because you can't wipe it without removing or destroying the BIOS chip on your motherboard, which you don't want to do as it will stop the computer working all together.

Anyway I hope this helps.

*technically speaking DOS is the operating system on a windows 95 computer, but even so it's still software stored on the hard drive and hence will also be destroyed when using DBAN or any hard drive wiping utility.