Nick - 2012-08-28


        I've been trying to run DBAN on my laptop for the last week and it just wont seem to run. I have a HP HDX16 laptop running windows 7 64 bit. The problem I am having is that no matter what version of DBAN I burn onto a disk the program simply wont run. It will either sit at a black screen or display an error message of "Isolinux 4.03 2010-10-22 ETCD copyright (C) 1994-2010 H.Peter Anvin et all." I have treid installing multiple fresh copies of the same the version with the suggested program and method suggested on the website.
     I have looked on the forums and someone has given a link to fixed version of the 2.2.6 version but that doesn't work either. I had some minor succes using the 1.0.6 and 1.0.7 version in which the ISO on the disk would run but as soon as I started the autonuke process it would only run for a few seconds saying the program has started and then it will say it ended stating something like "your request has been succesful." However, my harddrive still remains the untouched and the program seems to have not run at all. I have even taken my windows disk and paritioned, deleted, and reinstalled windows from the disk thinking that might have some effect on the issue but when I treid to run DBAN again it experienced the same issues.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.