harryblackstone - 2010-07-22

Hi all,

I'm using DBAN for the first time and left it running overnight on my PC.  I don't have the exact specs for my PC (although I built it approximately 3 years, maybe a little bit less) using a Gigabyte motherboard and a fairly high clockspeed Intel Duo CPU.

After 7 hours, it had made less than 1% progress on each of my hard drives (2 x WD 250GB).

The details from the screenshot are as below:

Darik's Boot and Nuke 1.0.7

Entropy: Linux Kernel (urandom)
PRNG: Mersenne Twister (mt19937ar-cok)
Method: Gutmann Wipe
Verify: Last Pass
Rounds: 1

Runtime: 07:17:53
Remaining: 2564:41:19
Load Averages: 3.88  3.99  4.01
Throughput: 4532 KB/s
Errors: 0

(IDE  1,0,0,-,-) WDC WD2500AAKS-00F0A0

(IDE  0,0,1,-,-) WDC WD2500AAKS-00F0A0

I downloaded DBAN from download.com and noticed this morning that it is version 1.0.7 on their site.

My question is, if I go home from work tonight and run a different version, is it likely to bring the remaining timeframe down from 2564 hours to something a little bit more respectable… even 48 hours I could deal with.

It may not be related, but for some time my PC has been occasionally failing to boot and when it does this, it emits a series of long beeps.  I found that turning off the computer then turning the computer on its side, or standing it back up again often fixes the problem (temporarily).  I haven't noticed anything unusual after the computer has booted.

Do I just need to buy a new hard drive?

Thank you!