the f10 key will not start dban

  • Gabriel Manjarrez

    I have Mac PowerPC G4 laptop. I downloaded and burned, without mounting or opening, dban 2.0.0 powerpc.iso file. the file boots fine from the CD, recognizes the hdd and it toggles the <wipe> message with the space bar, but then I press f10 and nothing happens. I tried all other keys and no luck. same blue screen with the options visible but the statistics are stubbornly blank. any ideas?

  • Karsten

    Karsten - 2012-12-22

    same problem on my side. II want to decommission my old iMac. DBAN boots & works perfectly fine until the final step: press F10 to start. Nothing happens although everything is fine. Any ideas e.g. use a windows keyboard instead of the Mac one? Hints are very much appreciated.

  • turtle power

    turtle power - 2013-04-06

    Try "fn" key and F10, my laptop, windows, wouldn't run with F10 untill I used the function key.


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