Blancco ad at end of nuke

  • Escargon

    Escargon - 2012-10-11

    just used latest version of Dban to wipe a HDD was moving to another PC.

    well, after it was done, it said press any key to continue. thought it would auto reboot the PC or something, since never seen that before (it usually says to just reboot/turn off). well, was greeted with an ad for some other disc wiping tool (Blancco).

    is this ad "put" anywhere on the PC (either on the HDD or the Bios, or something)? or is it just loaded temporally like the Dban program and gone after a reboot?

    or, is this ad not supposed to be there? did perhaps DL a infected Dban somehow?

    sorry for being a bit paranoid. just never seen an ad on Dban before.

  • Jay Walker

    Jay Walker - 2012-10-11

    As I understand it, the rights to DBAN were purchased by Blancco earlier this year.
    That is why there has been no work on any updates on the program for over 2 years.
    The latest posted version is just the previous version with the Blancco ad tacked on the end.
    You might also notice whoever posted this version failed to turn off the logging feature so the screen fills with the program load steps instead of a silent install with just the blue screen.
    I looked at the content of the drive after a successful wipe and there were no entries - all logical zero. Think it safe to say the offending ad is just an addition to the existing DBAN code that displays from memory only upon completion of the processing.
    Note also that if my memory is correct - DBAN used to write an entry to the MBR that said the drive was wiped using DBAN and list the method, date, and some other relevant details. I do not see that any longer. Perhaps the folks at Blancco could advise why that was removed and be so kind as to put it back.


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