job - 2012-12-15

i'm a relatvie newbie who's had problems similar to many others with messages regarding pocess crashes, non-fatal errors etc or DBAN hanging at pci(sysfus) etc. I've had to read through many forums to find solutions but there is one common thread through many of these: media card readers are the cause and the solution is to disable them in the BIOS or disconnect them physically.  However I almost never see people posting the locations in the BIOS where this can be done and  in many cases it seems difficult or perhaps impossible to locate them. I think it would be very helpful if there were a list for various machines of these locations (or indeed the lack of them for any machine) and would be grateful if people could add locations here so there would be one place people could be linked to when these queries arise. I have a Compaq Presario with a Pheonix BIOS but cannot find a media card reader location to disable it. My apologies in advance if such a list exists already.

Lenovo T61 - media card can be disabled in 'Security/I/O'