Reinstalling XP after using DBAN

  •  cameo

    cameo - 2010-02-19

    I'm about to run DBAN, but afterwards need to reinstall windows XP again.

    I've searched and searched for the answer to this but can't find it…and it may be a very stupid question in the first place so please bear with me

    My laptop is partitioned into a C: drive and a recovery D: drive, what i want to know is does DBAN wipe this out or can I simply run DBAN and then reinstall XP as on any normal machine? I.e. Will I need to take any steps between DBAN'ing the comp and reinstalling windows.

    Thanks in advance

  •  cameo

    cameo - 2010-02-19

    Sorry forgot to add this…in terms of drivers etc I know for the most part what drivers i need to grab before DBAN'ing and reinstalling XP, but (i'm running a compaq laptop) will DBAN wipe simple things like the software that runs the trackpad for my mouse etc.? Thanks

  •  cameo

    cameo - 2010-02-20


    Ok so I have spent another couple of hrs looking through the forum and realise my questions were probably badly phrased…I'm a total noob to this, I'll try an be more concise…

    1. I'm running a HP presario C300 EA laptop, after nuking I'd like to reinstall XP…I have an original disk which is windows XP home edition incl. service pack 2

    2. After DBAN is it likely I will be able to boot with this disk and install XP right from the get go? If not and it's likely I'll need some sort of driver what is this likely to be (the C300 software download page has lots of drivers and I'm just not literate enough to know which I'd need), and how would I use it once I have it to enable XP installation?

    3. In a general sense is it advisable to DL all the drivers listed on the C300 page pre-DBAN just in case? And after installing XP what do I actually do with the necessary drivers I've DL'd to get everything like the wireless adaptor etc or anything that needs a driver working properly?

    4. I realise now that DBAN will take out all partitions, the D: on this comp has a locked file called HP recovery and a 6GB folder called preload…I know these will but wiped, but when I install XP will I get this space back or will XP create it again? Given I will have no meaningful data on the computer am I right in thinking there's no real need to have some sort of recovery partition?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this I've read hundreds of posts here and many are related but I just can't find answer or at least if I have I didn't recognise it, unfortunately like I said when it comes to PCs I'm just not literate enough to express exactly what I'm trying to ask! I hope the above questions  makes some sort of sense!

    Regards, Cameo

  • Saberus Terras

    Saberus Terras - 2010-02-24

    You might be able to get XP to install after the wipe, but when pulling down drivers (Do that before the wipe) put the SATA or IDE controller driver (If it's on the site.) onto a floppy (external is fine, just have it connected when you start the install) or a flash device (Not guaranteeing that will work.)

    When XP boots to the blue screen hit F6 and it will load the driver from the floppy/flash device.(Only if you have a driver for the IDE)  After XP installs, load the other drivers.

    XP should not recreate the D: partition.  You will just have that space back.

  •  cameo

    cameo - 2010-02-24

    Many thanks,
    I've downloaded all drivers for this model of laptop from the compaq website…however there is no mention of IDE or SATA drivers or anything that seems similar. Does this mean it's not possible to find it? And without it will XP installation be impossible or is it a case of it might work, it might not?

    Secondly I checked out the HP website and it says their own recovery disks are only £30 ($50)…with these would a recovery be possible whatever happens? Because if so I'd be a little less worried about it.

    The reason I need to do this is I have a persistent virut virus so would rather just wipe everything as I've heard even a standard format can fail to kill it.


  • Saberus Terras

    Saberus Terras - 2010-02-25

    If no driver for the IDE or SATA is listed, likely it's a plug and play.  Your XP installation should work.

    As for the recovery disc:  If you wipe the drive, and consequently the D:\ partition, the recovery disc will most likely not work.  IIRC, HP stores compressed images of system-specific software and drivers, while the disc only contains a generic image.  The install from the disc relies on the D:\ partition, and will refuse to start if the files are not there.

    If you have a virus as you said, it may have copied itself into the D:\ partition as well.

    Personally, I would only wipe a drive as a last resort in response to an infection by malicious programming. 

    Try booting to safe mode, then run your antivirus/antimalware.

    Search for a live CD with a built in antivirus, the newer the better.  With that you can bypass your hard drive, and the virus won't load. You can then update the anti-virus and wipe it from the drive.   (I recommend ReactOS if you're not Linux savvy, React is nearly 100% compatible with XP)

  • sirdon84

    sirdon84 - 2012-04-05

    I'm having problems also after wipe I have an hp compaq nc6400 and can't reinstall xp says press f3 no HD found can someone plz help me


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