MBR; GPT; Windows 7 installation trouble

  • Yashwanth

    Yashwanth - 2012-12-07

    I had trouble installing windows 7 on my computer which came with a preinstalled OS when i bought.
    The error message read, 'you cannot install windows in this drive because it is partitioned in GPT style.
    I then came across a webpage which said i can use DBAN to clean the HDD and then install the OS freshly.. My doubt is, what if DBAN doesnt resolve the GPT trouble but cleans the HDD? then i cannot have the older OS and also i cannot install a new one.
    can i rely on Dban  to solve the GPT trouble? and while cleaning do i have options to clean one of the partitions alone?

  • Scott

    Scott - 2012-12-07

    If your computer came with Windows 7 and made for Windows 7, you can not install an older Windows operating system on it, particularlly a 32-bit version.  In other words, you would not be able to install Windows XP 32-Bit on a computer made for Windows 7 (64-Bit Operating System).  Please respond with what operating system your computer had on it when it was new, what operating system it was built for, and what operating system you are trying to install.

  • Felix Schwenke

    Felix Schwenke - 2016-03-17

    Hey there, I've got a similar situation with a Toshiba Satellite (AMD A8-Chip) that came with Win 8.1 x64 out of stock. Now I want to install Windows 7 x64 on it. I created a bootable usb stick with the new OS on it with a tool called rufus (ver. 2.4). I turned off the secure bios and gave usb boot priority 1. It starts loading the win 7 installation files, but the setup won't start, it freezes on the screen right before the setup, that sais "Windows is starting".
    Now I just used DBAN a week ago to format my towers hard disc, that had Win7 on it before and it worked out perfectly, the setup went fine afterwards (had similar troubles before I used DBAN to clear the HDD). Now my laptop has a SSD that uses GTP style partitioning and I created the bootable usb stick for GTP style too. But still, it does not load the win 7 setup.

    I don't want to format my SSD before I am sure, that the setup will work afterwards, so here's my question: can i use DBAN to format my SSD in GTP style? Is this recommended, or should I rather format in MBR and also reformat my bootable usb stick that way? What would be the command in DBAN to format the drive GTP-style?

    Cheers and thanks for answers!


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