Ron - 2013-03-04

Ok, I've got an  AMD motherboard and I'm trying to clean some WD IDE HDDs. I install a 40GB drive as slave on the IDE line with an LG DVD as master on the same line. I also have one SATA II drive for booting XP. Ok, I test BIOS and there's the drive, no problem. Parameters are correct. I boot DBAN from the ODD no problem. Select all the options and everything is fine. I F10 to start and I get a screen full of errors.

I go to XP Disk Manager and there's the HDD. I go to WD Data Lifeguard and there it is and it passes diagnostics. I overwrite the full disk with zeros and it works fine. No errors. I go to Acronis and it shows a clean drive but won't allow me to overwrite the contents. I can see a disk full of zeros but it won't let me to anything else.

There must be some logical reason that DBAN won't talk to the drive but I fail to see why. Your assistance is appreciated