Creating DBAN cd

  • Kearnsey

    Kearnsey - 2006-06-18

    I'm having great difficulty creating a dban cd. I need to wipe a laptop, but it has no floppy drive so I have to make a cd, which is proving very troublesome. I have the .iso file downloaded, but when I burn it to a cd using CDBurnerXP the cd has only one file present.But the FAQ reads "If you burn DBAN to CD-R and see just one file when you open the CD-R afterwards, then you have burned DBAN incorrectly." So I'm completely lost. Can somebody please help?

    • Darik Horn

      Darik Horn - 2006-06-19
    • hapygolfer

      hapygolfer - 2006-09-12

      I will also try to create the CD based on given instruction because my notebook does not have floppy drive.  However, I would like to wipe an external 40GB drive attached to my notebook via USB and not the C: drive of my notebook.  Will DBAN be able to wipe out the external drive only and leave my notebook's C: drive unharm and intact?

      • Darik Horn

        Darik Horn - 2006-09-12

        The dban-1.0.x cannot wipe external disks.

        Wiping only one disk is easy to botch.  I wouldn't try to do it.


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