automated install linux after DBAN

  • jimvolp2

    jimvolp2 - 2013-12-11


    PCs4KIDS, a non-profit organisation which is fostering
    the re-use of old PCs to enrich the lives of children
    needs your help.

    In order to make the lives of our volunteers as easy as
    possible, we need a fully automated solution to run DBAN
    and after that start the installation of our Linux distro
    which we think can easiest be done by starting a fully
    automated session of Clonezilla towards a local server.

    Iow we want to connect a PC to a fast switch, connect
    a number of PCs (clients) in parallel to the switch,
    do a network boot, run DBAN, and after that run Clonezilla.

    If this is not possible, than booting via USB or DVD is
    also acceptable as long as DBAN and Clonezilla are run
    automatically with Clonezilla fetching files from the
    local server.

    We want to connect the local servers via Internet to
    our central server and maintain our distro via SVN.

    So, coming back to where our challenge lies, where is
    information/documentation which explains:

    a) how to setup DBAN so it starts and runs fully automated?
    b) how to start Clonezilla (via shell prompt) after DBAN is done?

    Thanks for any good references.


    ps We are also interested to know about a good GUI or desktop
    environment/software where even the youngest kids can easily
    navigate to our content (not only links to HTML pages, but also
    links to Linux games).

    pps Another challenge is that we have Flash games, but I
    understood that Flash can no longer be used on Linux????
    Is there a good alternative?

    ppps If you're interested to run PCs4KIDS in your country,
    or otherwise assist us, please let me know.

  • sa7mon

    sa7mon - 2014-02-13

    As far as running DBAN over the network, this is not possible. There was at one time an enterprise version of dban called eban that had a server version. With eban, you could setup a server, connect all your clients to wipe, and just network boot but it seems the project is discontinued or abandoned as I can't find any information on it anymore. If you're worried about burning dozens of disks, don't fret - you only need the CD/DVD in the drive until it starts wiping. After that, you can eject it and throw it in the next machine.

    In regards to cloning over the network, Clonezilla will work just fine for doing this. The documentation to do this is with a PXE server is here:

    For your distro question, Edubuntu ( is a Ubuntu fork designed specifically for education use.

    So in summation, it seems like your best bet is to:
    1. Make a Linux image (using whatever distro you want)
    2. DBAN each machine manually using burned DVDs
    3. Set each machine to PXE boot and reboot so they install the image from the Clonezilla server.


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