DBAN 2.0 and PXE

  • Warren Palmer

    Warren Palmer - 2010-01-20

    I am currently PXE booting DBAN 1.7 and it works great. We ran into some issues wiping SATA drives and found that using version 2.0 off cd solves the problem. We've attempted to PXE boot 2.0, but obvioulsly the file system and file size for the new version are different. We were able to boot the interface however right before it loads the splash screen it just states Wipe finished with non-fatal errors. We get the same error on different systems and drive types. So far have not been able to successfully PXE boot the new version. Has anyone out there been able to get this working?

  • Joep

    Joep - 2010-01-25

    I use DBAN 1.0.7 and 2.0.0 with PXE boot (PXELINUX).
    I've posted my PXELINUX config file below.  Maybe it can help you.

    display msgs/boot.msg
    prompt 1
    timeout 300
    default dban200-auto
    ## dban 1.0.7 autowipe
    label dban107-auto
    kernel /dban107/kernel.bzi
    append load_ramdisk=1 initrd=/dban107/initrd.gz root=/dev/ram0 init=/rc quiet nuke="dwipe --method dodshort --autonuke" floppy=0,16,cmos
    ## dban 2.0 beta
    label dban200
    kernel /dban200/dban.bzi
    append floppy=0,16,cmos silent nuke="dwipe"
    ## dban 2.0 beta autowipe
    label dban200-auto
    kernel /dban200/dban.bzi
    append floppy=0,16,cmos silent nuke="dwipe --method dodshort --autonuke"
  • Warren Palmer

    Warren Palmer - 2010-01-25

    Thank you!!  Works like a charm now.

  • daveStyle

    daveStyle - 2010-06-15

    Not working for me :(

    Using file dban-2.2.6_i586.iso

    PXELINUX config:
    LABEL dban
      KERNEL pxe.dban/dban.bzi
      APPEND floppy=0,16,cmos silent nuke="dwipe"

    Invalid or corrupt kernel image.

    kernel image appears to be fine. Downloaded twice to verify and check hash between machines.
    # md5sum dban.bzi
    d40e2fb1612055f9b391354454f9d8d3  dban.bzi

    Anyone have any ideas?

  • Darik Horn

    Darik Horn - 2010-06-15

    > Invalid or corrupt kernel image.

    The MD5 is correct, so the problem is likely the relative path name on the KERNEL line.  (It doesn't begin with a '/' character.)

  • daveStyle

    daveStyle - 2010-06-15

    Kernel is found alright. If I change the path to something incorrect it gives some obvious "image not found" type error.

  • daveStyle

    daveStyle - 2010-06-17

    Does anyone have 2.2 booting from PXE ?

  • Anonymous - 2010-06-18

    Yes and it works great.

    Here my code:

    MENU LABEL DBAN v2.2.6
    KERNEL images/disk_tools/dban_v2.2.6_i586/DBAN.BZI
    APPEND nuke="dwipe" silent

    LABEL DBAN_Short
    MENU LABEL DBAN v2.2.6
         Warning: This software irrecoverably destroys data.
         Security Level: Medium (3 passes)
    KERNEL images/disk_tools/dban_v2.2.6_i586/DBAN.BZI
    APPEND nuke="dwipe -autonuke -method dodshort" silent

    MENU LABEL DBAN v2.2.6
         Warning: This software irrecoverably destroys data.
         Security Level: Medium (7 passes)
    KERNEL images/disk_tools/dban_v2.2.6_i586/DBAN.BZI
    APPEND nuke="dwipe -autonuke -method dod522022m" silent


    • babubhai

      babubhai - 2014-03-01


      How do you handle reporting from dban since you are using pxe environment? Any help will be appreciated.



  • daveStyle

    daveStyle - 2010-06-21

    That's spot on. And still no joy.

    I must be doing something fundamentally wrong.

    mount -o loop dban-2.2.6_i586.iso /mnt/loopback
    scp /mnt/loopback/dban.bzi root@pxeserver:/tftpboot/

  • daveStyle

    daveStyle - 2010-06-21

    Is the DISPLAY line very important to the booting process.
    I can't use the one from the iso because I'm trying to integrate this into an existing PXE environment.

  • willbrown

    willbrown - 2010-08-10


    I have just updated from dban V2 beta.2007042900 to dban-2.2.6_i386 and I get the same error when attempting to PXE boot as reported by davestyle in message 4 ie: Invalid or corrupt kernel image.

    I can boot from the cd from which I have copied the DBAN.BZI so that must be OK.
    I notice that the bzi is now 10598k from 5497k, could this somehow bw the problem? I have some "big floppy images" at 20,664k and they have always PXE booted no problem.
    My pxelinux.cfg matches data in message 8 ( and always has with V2.0 booting OK).

    The pxelinux is running from a w2k3 box. I have many other OS's & images running from this setup including Knoppix, Debian-Live & WinPe.

    Appreciate any ideas & suggestions.


  • Cbris Sanner

    Cbris Sanner - 2012-12-20

    Has anyone come up with a solution for this?
    I cannot get the thing to boot - I've tried using dban.bzi and DBAN.BZI,

    I've tried the isolinux.cfg that comes in the image - that works best - the config in post 8 above gives me a ton of invalid keyword errors.

    I've tried dban.bzi.0, dban.bzi.bin, and a ton of other extensions - every one of those that don't give me "invalid or corrupt kernel image" gives me a multicolored ascii garbage screen.

    I've checked and rechecked the md5 sum on the iso.  I've checked and rechecked the dban.bzi md5sum between the pxe config and the iso.

    This is a known working pxe install - I've been imaging hosts off this for ages.


  • Cbris Sanner

    Cbris Sanner - 2012-12-20

    putting this here for anyone else who follows in my wake.
    if your pxe environment gives you the error "invalid or corrupt kernel image" and you KNOW that your kernel image is fine, upgrade to a newer pxelinux.0 file.

    the OS your host is running has no relationship to this file - you could be running RHEL4 for all it cares, but grab a new pxelinux.0 file that will at least match the architecture of the hosts you are trying to run this on.

    I actually grabbed mine from an AWS host because it was the newest I knew was available in my environment.

    ye GODS that was annoying…

  • Tozz

    Tozz - 2013-02-26

    Thanks csanner. That solved the issue here too!

  • Mario Loderer

    Mario Loderer - 2014-04-21

    Thanks! That helped me.


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