rvrkids - 2014-04-15

Hello - I know enough to be dangerous but am definitely a novice compared to many on this site so please be patient with me and hopefully someone can easily answer my question.

I have a new dell xps desktop that has been having issues so they sent me a new one. I want to dban the original before I send it back. It has a hdd and 32gb ssd, windows 8.1.

I created my dban bootable dvd by using cdburnerxp and burning the iso file. I change the UEFI settings so it would boot from the dvd drive first. Restarted. Dban wouldn't boot and windows booted normal. I also went into PC settings and told it to re-boot directly from DVD and nothing happened...went straight to windows. Could this be because of my ssd? Afterward, I researched and saw that Dban is not really for ssd's.

Please help. I need to ship this back in the next day or two.

Thank You.