#39 DBAN finished with non-fatal errors


Hey guys im having some problem with this, ive tried 1.0.7 and 2.0.0 and both give me the same dban finished with non-fatal errors message.

Ive downloaded the iso, burnt with ashampoo to a CD using a DVR-111D pioneer IDE DVD drive and am trying to wipe a Samsung 1TB F3 (SATA2) drive.

Whats going on?


  • Phil

    Phil - 2010-04-17
    • milestone: --> dban-2.0.0_i586
    • priority: 5 --> 7
  • ultra combo

    ultra combo - 2010-06-03

    There's two things to do here: 1. When using 1.0.7 make sure you set the storage configuration option in the BIOS to: Compatible; IDE "not! enhanced ide"
    if you are using the the latest (not 2.0.0) you don't need to do this.

    2. The next thing you can do which worked for me on a mobo w/ raid sata slots is make sure the hard drive is not connected to the regular ports but rather make sure it's connected to one of the two raid sata ports then load up dban by cd by selecting a forced boot by CD option in your bios (some bios manf. set that option to F8, some set that option to F11) You need to disable the boot screen to see the option flash while the bios is posting.

    3. ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY make sure all unnecessary usb's, usb hubs, memory card readers (whether internal or usb), Multi-function printers (because most have memory card readers) are disconneted before using dban. Because this creates an drive error which shows up w/ the hard drive and looks something like (????) unrecognizable drive or drive error I forget exactly what it say's, but you'll know by the question marks.

    Also please update what mother board you're using so I can look up the bios options and help you further. I

  • Jim Michaels

    Jim Michaels - 2010-06-04

    A lot of BIOS simply DON'T have this sort of option. take Dell for example. the drive is either there or it's not. that's it.
    please try some different advice.

  • Frank Kannemann

    Frank Kannemann - 2010-07-28

    Could you tweak the current implementation? V2.2.6_j586

    IBM X41 tablet has SD Card support which cannot be disabled.

    Using autonuke works but destroys the USB stick too... and all the nuking of the NAND is probably not good.

    So the code path for autonuke seems to avoid problematic SD/FLASH card readers.

    What about adding an option for card reader disable or autonuke just not boot device?

    Also (side note/request/rfe), why not add support (include hdparm command and exit to command line) or instructions for Level nuking as documented here:




  • Gene Wood

    Gene Wood - 2011-06-28

    I was attempting to run DBAN on my Dell D430. I was booting from a USB Thumb / Flash drive that I'd put the DBAN image on using the Universal USB Installer on pendrivelinux.com. I kept getting the "non-fatal errors" message and DBAN would exit immediately. I tried changing all different settings in the BIOS. In the end the fix was to burn the DBAN iso to a DVD and dock my laptop in it's docking station and boot from the CD/DVD rom drive. This way DBAN came up and listed only one drive (not both the laptop hard drive and the USB flash drive). It worked fine booting from CD.

  • Jim Michaels

    Jim Michaels - 2011-06-29

    I am currently using a Dell Dimension 4600 desktop.

  • nick

    nick - 2014-09-10

    Firstly, apologies for reopening this old thread, but I felt I had to sign up and share my experience in the hope it may help others.
    I had the same problem with a dell laptop with an external CD drive, and no way of disabling the SD card reader, but found a very simple way around it.
    All I done was put an SD card in the reader! Obviously, make sure it one you want to erase completely.
    I needed to use autonuke to get it to work also.

  • Ilya Troshin

    Ilya Troshin - 2014-09-10

    Card reader/unknown device erasure crash was fixed with the latest release.

  • Kris

    Kris - 2014-12-30

    I'm running DBAN on a USB drive, chose autonuke and as soon as it had loaded into memory (when the dots appeared...), I removed the USB drive.
    This worked for me.


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