#35 DBAN 2 does not detect partitions

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Rob Dux

The disks in these systems (exception of E6400) are detected fine but does not enumerate individual partitions.

Dell Latitude E6400
(SATA operation AHCI not default IRRT)

Dell Optiplex 745

Dell Optiplex GX620

Dell Optiplex SX280
(1.0.7 correctly identifies disk and partitions)


  • Rob Dux

    Rob Dux - 2009-03-12
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    • milestone: --> dban-2.0.0_i586
  • Jim Michaels

    Jim Michaels - 2009-04-16

    I am not part of dban, but I have written disk wiping software: why would a wiping program have a need to recognize partitions if the OS is not live? you are not wiping a partition, but the whole disk. that is the purpose of the program.
    Jim Michaels

  • Rob Dux

    Rob Dux - 2009-04-17

    To answer your question jmichae3, simply because Dell supplies its PCs with a hidden utility partition that is easier to retain if only wiping the OS partition rather than cloning the utility partition or building it from scratch. Yes, I understand that the diagnostic tools are provided on a disk as well and the actual value of the tools is debatable since there are better tools for particular purposes.

    Since this could get into a lengthy explanation I will just state this: DBAN 1.0.7 had the functionality and the current beta is lacking. I reported the bug because it was a feature that at the time I found handy yet was not available in the current incarnation.

  • Rob Dux

    Rob Dux - 2009-04-17
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