#3 Tailoring range dynamically

Peter Prib

I want to add a menu to my chart action that provides for a time range range definition which is tailorable when displayed. That is, I want to have a default time predicted e.g. "atimestampcolum between current timestamp - 3 hours and current timestamp ". which I want to be able to change by a menu item (like search) to say "atimestampcolum between current timestamp - 50 hours and current timestamp - 10 hours".

My chart java script is based on list_table and I will take in parameters for the xaxis default range which is then handed to the list_table javascript with parameters. I know you can set the range, but can this range be overridden and refreshed. I was going to assume that tableManipulationModule_Core_Search.js was going to provide that means then it struck me that this may be further search criteria to the base where I want to change the base.


  • Peter Prib

    Peter Prib - 2010-02-03

    Actually wortked out a way of doing this using the parameter tag. In the SQL I use parameter markers. Add the parameter statement then I can get at the values and change them dynamically. Will use the title constructioning a menu. This may be a worthwhile function to add to the list_table. That is, on chart I am adding an option that indicates whether the options menu is required. The parameters can be changed in this menu.

  • Peter Prib

    Peter Prib - 2010-02-03
    • status: open --> closed

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